Sizi Şirince Kırıkınca Restaurant'a bekliyoruz.


We offer the most delicious varieties of Mediterranean cuisine in the wonderful atmosphere of Sirince. Contact us to experience the ambience that makes your special nights even more special. With Şirince Wine and live music, you can make a reservation if you want to witness memorable moments.

If you want, by sending an e-mail to; If you want, you can contact us by calling +90 232 898 31 33.

What Did They Say About us?

The music's gorgeous! The food is delicious. Especially in the pastry, walnut with eriste, herb roasting is recommended.
Gamze Giritli


  • Istihlas Mahallesi,, Şirince 35920, Türkiye
  • +90 232 898 31 33


We invite Şirince to Kırkınca Restaurant to say hello to unforgettable nights.